Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best Days

They, whoever they are, say that the best days for owning a business are the day you open it and the day you close it.   Today is one of those days.   The closing day.   I never thought it would feel so good.  I guess I did go through the mourning process this summer as I realized it wouldn't survive but now I am just plain happy!   The next door has opened and I'm going through it.

Last week I was asked to list some vintage clothing on eBay for a friend.  While it was taunting, having known and admired his dead wife whose clothing we were selling, it was exciting, too.   She had exquisite taste and lovely dresses.  These were mainly St. John knits but a few other beauties as well.  

Look for me on eBay as member, 757Sweetrepeats.

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