Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Love Frogs

So I also have a thing for frogs.  Not the slimmy ones in my yard but frog pins.   My friends know this about me and on special occassions frogs show up in gift bags.   My last birthday this picture was in my gift bag,   This is Sylvester a wonderful tuxedo kitty with a fabulous personality.  His owner wrote the note.  

Now this is a frog pin I can really appreciate.   I'm still looking for just the right lapel to wear it on.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

People Do the Strangest Things

In my shop I display pins on pillow like the attached picture.   Yesterday this regular customer, who is admittedly bipolar and a few other things,  comes in to visit.   He admits he has been in the psych ward for the past 3 weeks.   This guy has had a fascination with the pillows of pins for a long time.   He has told me for months he was going to buy a pillow with all the pins and give them away.   So yesterday he says I'm ready to buy the pillow.   OK.   This particular pillow had a little over $300 in pins on it.   He paid cash for the pillow then refused to take it with him.   He insisted that I keep the pillow and give a pin to each customer who makes a purchase.   What to do???   I know this guy well enough to know that by the end of the month he'll be broke and want his money back.  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why I don't have more jewelry

Yup, that's why.  my husband and all is money goes on the boats.  Notice I said boats because he has 2.   This one just got new sails so that a boat that is slow by nature, never meant to go fast and never will go faster, can go slow faster.   He's out there today racing against the big boys in this 22 footer.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Bad Pink Is Not My Color

Aren't these lovely?  Pale pink beads made in Hong Kong.  I love them.  There isn't anything in my closet that would go with them.  Of course, who can resist an opportunity to shop for a coordinating outfit.   Well, me maybe.  Back when it was popular to have your "colors done", I was told I was an Autumn and that I should never wear pink.   So I don't.   If only these were peach and then I could wear them with almost everything.    While I do like opportunities to break rules, I have learned to stick with what works for me in the color department.'s off to eBay for the beads.  Too bad.