Wednesday, September 15, 2010

People Do the Strangest Things

In my shop I display pins on pillow like the attached picture.   Yesterday this regular customer, who is admittedly bipolar and a few other things,  comes in to visit.   He admits he has been in the psych ward for the past 3 weeks.   This guy has had a fascination with the pillows of pins for a long time.   He has told me for months he was going to buy a pillow with all the pins and give them away.   So yesterday he says I'm ready to buy the pillow.   OK.   This particular pillow had a little over $300 in pins on it.   He paid cash for the pillow then refused to take it with him.   He insisted that I keep the pillow and give a pin to each customer who makes a purchase.   What to do???   I know this guy well enough to know that by the end of the month he'll be broke and want his money back.  

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