Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Days

In our part of the country snow is paralizying and yesterday it happened.   We received 1-4 inches depending on which TV station you were watching.   I found myself scurring around BJ's yesterday as the first flakes started following.   By the time I came out of the store my car and the surrounding area was covered in snow.   My little Miata and I chugged along home at not more than 20 mph but we made it safe and sound.   I was a nervous wreck and needed a hot toddy to calm my nerves.  So our area has virtually shut down for the second day.   However, Mr Ups, Mr. FedEx and Mr Mailman have all made it to my house to deliver boxes with Christmas gifts we have ordered.  Yeah!!!!  I love shopping from the comfort of my home even when the weather is great.

So I took the opporunity of being stuck at home to clean my area of the office.   I knew it needed it when my husband's half was neater than mine, enough said.   My supply of costume jewelry is getting low;  I think I'm down to 20 pounds.   I need a yard sale!!!

Be back soon.

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