Friday, August 20, 2010

From there to here

Did you ever start out convinced of one thing and end up somewhere totally different?   That' me.   In 2008, I  was convinced I wanted a consignment store with furniture and accessories.   So I rented a store, built an inventory and opened.   From the beginning customers and other sellers told me to carry jewelry but noooo I didn't want to sell jewelry.   Finally I bought an estate that included vintage jewelry, and then I was hooked.   I couldn't stop going to yard sales, church bazaars and estate sales.   Now one corner of my store is filled with jewelry and it is spilling out into other areas.  So what to do, what to do???    Let's see,  furniture is heavy and takes a long time to sell,  it takes up a lot of space, has to be dusted and never sells for what it' worth.

Did I mention I really, really like costume jewelry?  I love the way it coordinates with clothing, is not a big investment, and other people notice it.   I have found wonderful vintage pieces that  get tons of comments from people.   I have regular customers that come in to buy 8-10 pieces a month.   Heck I buy that many for myself.

So as my second year draws near the end I wonder do I abandon the furniture, oh and household accessories, and just sell jewelry, maybe even on EBay, or do I keep moving and hauling and polishing and dusting?

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